Felipe Pires is a Brazilian Product Designer, born, raised, and based in Recife.


Currently, Senior Product Designer at Alloy, designing the future of e-commerce automation. Helping to create a design culture focused on outcomes, experimentation, agility, and attention to detail.


They’re able to rapidly generate many ideas, zero in on the most promising ones, put them into motion, and refine along the way. They have high standards, but they’re also not afraid of embarrassment or failure. This is my Superpower.

Designing professionally since 2013, my relation with Design began during my teens when I started to combine my childhood drawing skills with my curiosity about technology, leading me to learn graphic tools and web technologies by myself. For that reason, I always focused my Design studies on computational design.

In my 7 years of working experience, I have faced different work environments: agency, startup, and in-house design teams. Working in these different environments has taught me to deeply understand the project’s context before taking any design decision.

The context is the only rule that will guide the project’s design decisions. My approach involves finding the right balance between aesthetic delight, product value, and business outcomes when designing digital products. This approach is achievable by understanding the thinking of design (science), the making of design (craft), and the business of design (design thinking).

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